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After seeing my mom’s tummy tuck results with Dr. Jon, I knew right away I had to go see him for my tummy tuck whether that meant flying in for the surgery! Now, I feel great and all the extra skin from having my 2 kids is finally gone!

– Chicago, Illinois

I’m so happy with my results, If I can do it all over again – I would! I chose Dr. Jon Trevisani as my surgeon because I felt the most comfortable with him and his entire staff. I was very impressed with the anesthesiologist – I didn’t get sick at all afterwards and he made me feel at ease. My entire recovery was very smooth and I barely took my pain pills.

– Orlando, Florida 4 / 5 stars

The first time I met the staff at Dr. Trevisani’s office I was certain I had found the right place. They have a very warm and inviting atmosphere that made all of my worries and concerns melt away. Throughout the entire process they were professional and courteous. I couldn’t be happier with my results. What can I say, they look great!

– Tampa, Florida 4 / 5 stars

Many of my friends have had their breasts augmented by Dr. Jon Trevisani and I would not dare to go anywhere else. I am so happy with my results and feel so much better about myself. This has truly lifted my self-esteem and confidence. I fill into my swimsuits much nicer and loving it!

– Orlando, Florida 4 / 5 stars

I feel so much better about myself and I am enjoying my new flat tummy. I can now wear low rise jeans… it’s awesome!! Dr. Jon, the surgical crew and administrative staff are top notch.

– Winter Park, FL 4 / 5 stars

About a month after my surgery, I had gone to see my Facial Specialist and she was examining my whole face with magnifiers and could not tell I had my eyes done until I mentioned this to her. She commented on a job well done and how well the scars healed! I did see 2 other doctors before I chose Dr. Jon and I knew right away he was the right surgeon for me.

– Orlando, Florida 4 / 5 stars

A dear friend referred me to Dr. Jon Trevisani and I couldn’t be happier. Between her successful results and my initial consultation, I turned a long-time consideration into action. My newly found confidence allows me to feel comfortable in clothing I would have never considered before, and shopping is no longer a challenge. Thank you Dr. Trevisani, Dr. Miller (anesthesiologist) and the entire Aesthetic Surgery Centre staff for a wonderful experience…I felt comfortable under your care for the entire process. You have far exceeded my expectations, and I thank you.

– Orlando, Florida 5 / 5 stars

I was concerned about having plastic surgery at 52 years old. I spoke with a couple of plastic surgeons prior to seeing Dr. Jon Trevisani. I chose him because he made me feel comfortable and relaxed during our first visit. We discussed the risks and I did not feel that I was just another body on the assembly line of surgery. I had realistic expectations, but I am so thrilled with my results! The outcome is fantastic, and I am still in the healing process. I would never recommend a Doctor to my family if I weren’t confident that they would be taken care of. One of my sisters has already scheduled her surgery and the other is setting up an appointment. I truly feel every aspect of my experience was done with the utmost professionalism and care. The nursing staff is wonderful. I will certainly tell everyone I can about my experience, I am so pleased with the outcome! Thank you, thank you.

– Orlando, Florida 4 / 5 stars

He’s amazing. There’s not a soul in the world who would ever believe my boobs are implants. The surgery was so easy, no bruising, very minimal pain and discomfort, and a quick recovery. As someone who usually scars really badly and forms keloids… only 9 months later and my scars are almost nonexistent! He’s a wonderful doctor and isn’t out to make you look fake. I went to him after 2 other consults where I was told I should have about 350ccs. I was terrified they would be too big!! Dr. Trevisani told me that to achieve the natural look and size that I wanted, I should go with a 425 to 475. I trusted his recommendation, and let me tell you – he was right. My breasts are not large by any definition, but they are the perfect size for my body. If I would have gone with the 350 I wouldn’t have even noticed a difference! I hear so many girls who after surgery either wish they had gone bigger or smaller… I don’t wish either. I am so incredibly happy with the size I have! They look great, natural, soft, hardly any scars… I couldn’t be happier! He has a very skilled hand and eye and a wonderful bedside matter.
I would recommend anyone to go see him. I know I’ll definitely be back to see him!!!

– A.P. 4 / 5 stars

Dr. Jon is great! I recently had BA (breast augmentation) and after much research and many consultations I decided on Jon P. Trevisani as my PS [plastic surgeon]. I am at my seventh month post-op and had my six month check up last week. I am COMPLETELY satisfied. After seeing many of his photos in the office and meeting the staff, my decision was easy. His office and staff are very impressive. I had been advised from other surgeons to “go bigger” because they advised me that “you are never big enough”. Dr. Jon made me feel comfortable with my decision to stay fairly small compared to previous consultations. With my 375 cc’s I am now a comfortable 34D. If I had gone any bigger I would have gotten stretch marks. Great Job Dr. Jon. The 1 1/2 hour drive from Ocala was well worth it!

- Tanya 5 / 5 stars

Dr. Trevisani performed an awesome breast augmentation on me. The staff was marvelous also! He did my incision through the areola and you can’t even see the scar. It truly is amazing. I have all sensation plus some! I highly recommend this surgeon if anyone in the Central Florida area is looking for a plastic surgeon. The staff and Dr. Trevisani were very professional and informative. If you have any questions or concerns, they will set your curiosity free. If you are not sure, this plastic surgeon will tell you absolutely what will be best for your body type. I went to six doctors before choosing Trevisani. He made me feel very comfortable and definitely sold me on all his knowledge of this procedure. He also performed a little liposuction on me and the result was awesome.

– Debbie 5 / 5 stars

Dr. Jon Trevisani did my breast augmentation and…….. I got FANTASTIC results! I highly recommend him. There are quite a few gals on this site who have used him! I got Silicone Gel Implants for my first B/A [breast augmentation] surgery! I am in the 10-year Mentor Silicone Study where you get back $3,600.00 from Mentor; Great incentive! He is sooooooo easy to talk to and will do everything he can to give you what you want. He has tons of before-and-after pics to view when you go in for your consult! Good Luck!

– Stephanie 5 / 5 stars

After several years of research and saving the money to do so and several consultations, I decided to visit Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani in Maitland, Florida for my breast augmentation. It is a couple-hour drive from where I live but was WELL-worth the ride! I accidentally showed up for my consultation 1 month early (don’t ask – not sure how I got that confused) but he took the time to see me that day anyway. His staff is absolutely wonderful and he is truly an artist at his work. He answered all of my questions and concerns and we scheduled my surgery date that day.
On March 5th, 2004 I had my BA [breast augmentation]. I got 800 cc silicone gel overs along with a crescent lift. I am now a full DD again (had breastfed 3 children and was a saggy 36C) and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I would highly recommend him to anyone in Florida or planning on traveling here. There are at least 20 other PS’s [plastic surgeon’s] closer to my home near Tampa, but I’m so glad I went a little out of my way to go to Maitland because my results are just perfect. Thank you Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani and staff!”

– Tina 5 / 5 stars

Dr. Jon listened well and was very non-intimidating. He was just as pleasant when I came back with a possible problem after my surgery. When asked his recommendation, he recommended a larger implant (400cc) when other doctors had recommended 300 or 330cc for me. He had all the right credentials and I also perceived him as competent to do the job. Although I was only offered a crease incision, I agreed because Dr. Trevisani was in a silicone study for primary BA [breast augmentation] patients. In the end, he did a fine job and I am very happy with the results at almost 5 months…
Oops, I did forget to mention where I found Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani (another Dr. Trevisani exists in the area, not to be confused with Jon Paul Trevisani, the ps [plastic surgeon]). “Steph” from Georgia, on your site, used him and knew he could do silicone for primary BA [breast augmentation] patients. She passed that on to me and I set up a consult after seeing his page on your site. Take care and thank you for your site. It has meant a lot to me.

– Sandra, Tampa, FL. 5 / 5 stars

Dr. Trevisani recently performed my breast augmentation and I could not be more pleased. I found him through your site. Not only did Dr. Trevisani achieve the results I wanted, but he and his staff were courteous and professional. All of my phone calls were returned promptly and all of my questions were answered knowledgeably. I feel very fortunate to have found such a skilled professional and would recommend him to anyone interested in plastic surgery.

– Jane, Orlando, FL. 5 / 5 stars
*Results May Vary