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Mommy Makeover Customization Enhances Results, Says Orlando Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani reveals how Mommy Makeover surgery includes a variable selection of cosmetic procedures, which can be customized to suit the needs and goals of a diverse group. Orlando, FL — Women experience a variety of physical changes as a result of pregnancy—some more permanent than others. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, a plastic surgeon in Orlando, explains that Mommy Makeover surgery is designed to address many of the common concerns patients struggle to resolve on their own. Every […]

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Orlando Plastic Surgeon Reveals Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Approach

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Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani helps patients navigate decisions about breast implants, implant placement, and incision locations to achieve results that can look natural. Orlando, FL – According to Jon Paul Trevisani, MD, breast augmentation patients at his Orlando area plastic surgery practice are typically seeking results that look natural rather than “overdone.” The board-certified plastic surgeon says there are many factors that can affect the final outcome of a breast augmentation, including the implant type, the size of the implant, […]

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Plastic Surgeon in Orlando Discusses the Importance of Managing Patient Expectations

plastic surgery in orlando,board certified plastic surgeon,dr jon paul trevisani

Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani advises against plastic surgery procedures that are unsafe or unable to accomplish the patient’s desired outcomes. Orlando, FL — When patients come to his Orlando area plastic surgery practice seeking a specific procedure, Jon Paul Trevisani, MD says he first must assess the individual’s overall health and aesthetic goals in order to determine whether or not they meet the candidacy requirements for that particular surgery. He explains that although a patient may feel they know what […]

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Pregnancy After Plastic Surgery – Orlando Plastic Surgeon Addresses Common Concerns

mommy makeover,breastfeeding after breast augmentation,pregnancy after tummy tuck,breast implants

Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, a plastic surgeon in the Orlando area, dispels popular misconceptions about the effects plastic surgery may have on pregnancy. Orlando, FL — While plastic surgery procedures such as a mommy makeover are popular after having children, Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani says women who have yet to start a family often express concern over how certain cosmetic surgeries might affect future pregnancies. Although he typically advises patients to delay certain procedures until after childbirth, […]

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Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani Appointed as Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at UCF College of Medicine

Orlando plastic surgeon Jon Paul Trevisani, MD, FACS was recently selected by the University of Central Florida College of Medicine to serve as Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery. Orlando, FL — The University of Central Florida College of Medicine recently appointed Jon Paul Trevisani, MD, FACS as Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery. The Orlando plastic surgeon says he is eager to share his experience and skill set with the university’s future physicians. In his new role, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani […]

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