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Actual Patient Photos


Meet Dr. Jon P. Trevisani

As a medical student, I knew the surgical field was where I wanted to be, and then with our surgical rotations in clinicals, the plastic surgery seemed to be a good fit for me because of seeing the patients and how happy they were after their cosmetic surgery. So that immediate gratification was something that has really attracted me to the field, and making people feeling better about themselves and more self assured and doing that on a daily basis was really what it is all about.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction patients are one of the happiest patients out there. This surgery dramatically improves their life, their self-confidence, their ability to interact in public, gives them more incentive to workout to keep it off. This procedure is very life changing.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatments

Botox is probably our most common nonsurgical procedure performed here. It works on the crow’s feet, works on between the eyes, and works on the forehead to really eliminate those wrinkles. It lasts about three or four months and we have had the experience that injecting people often enough over the years that twice of year is really all they need as a maintenance and it really takes years off their look.

Our Practice Philosophy

Sexier and better looking even though I am 56 years old. I feel like I can do anything, nothing is holding me back. I can take on the world. Our practice philosophy here at The Aesthetic Surgery Center is treating each patient individually. Each patient has specific needs and requests and wants, and those patients coming here can feel comfortable that they are getting the best quality service available. I really felt comfortable when I had questions, which I did, and I called 100 times, I think. They answered all my questions before and after. I have referred everybody to Dr. Jon. I live 70 miles away and when people tell me, “Wow, you look great, who did it?”, I tell them Dr. Jon did.... Continue Reading

Breast Lift Surgery

Often people come in thinking that breast augmentation is what they need or want, but often times on evaluating those patients, a breast lift is what really is indicated. After having several children, breast-feeding, you know the breasts have gone south a little bit, more than a breast augmentation can take care of. Therefore, a breast lift is indicated and we go through the whole process with the scarring involved, showing pictures of pre and post-op, the downtime, and what can be expected with that procedure.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of an individual when indicated. That upper lid skin, when it is removed makes the patient look more refreshed, more rejuvenated, more awake. The lower lid puffiness being gone makes people feel more rested and look more rested. People get a very satisfying and rejuvenating look for a minimal downtime.

Liposuction Surgery

The ideal candidate for liposuction are those people that have lost weight and they found that during that process there are certain areas that they cannot lose, and with liposuction can help minimize those excess bulges and make them more proportionate. It is not for massive weight loss. It is not for excess skin loss. It is for those people that have localized deposits that can be minimized and may better contoured with liposuction.

Doraida’s Testimonial

It was a wonderful experience. He makes you feel very comfortable. He is very sincere and honest. You do not ask him what you want to do. He tells you what you really need, not like all their doctors that started going, “you need many of these, many of that,” and that is why I chose him because interviewing other doctors, he was the best one.