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Breast Lift With Implants: The Latest Plastic Surgery Trend

Last Friday the trivia question on our Facebook Contest pertained to women interested in having a breast lift and breast implant surgery.   The question, "Can a Breast Lift and Breast Implant surgery be done at the same time?"  The answer is yes for some women but for many women the answer may surprise you!  Read further to find out more information on this topic.   There are numerous reasons why a woman may consider breast lift surgery, also called mastopexy, including the development of ptosis (drooping or sagging) as a result of genetic predisposition, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. I have found that patients seeking this particular cosmetic enhancement also often desire fuller, more shapely breasts and request breast implants to help achieve this goal.... Continue Reading

Breast Augmentation Recovery – What to Expect

If you are considering breast augmentation, it can be helpful to be prepared by understanding what you can expect during the recovery process. Every patient is different, so your recovery period might not be exactly the same as another person, but most patients are able to be up and walking around a bit 24-48 hours after surgery. Based on my patients’ individual progress, I advise them of when it is safe to return to their daily activities and exercise routines. After surgery, I will provide you with specific directions to help you heal properly. These aftercare instructions are extremely important for a successful recovery. A surgical garment (similar to a sports bra) will need to be worn to help reduce swelling and provide support as... Continue Reading

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

Last Friday we posted a question on Facebook to name one factor you consider when choosing your plastic surgeon. We received great feedback! When considering plastic surgery, finding the surgeon who you are most comfortable with is important. You want to feel confident in his or her skill, as well. Before moving forward with any cosmetic surgery, we always recommend for patients to conduct thorough research. Talk to friends and family members who have had a positive experience with a surgeon, and look online for doctors in your area (or beyond, if you’re willing and able to travel). Once you’ve selected a few surgeons, look into each physician’s education, experience, and professional background. Review before and after photos, read through patient reviews and testimonials, and... Continue Reading

Breast Implant Company Now Enhances Warranty!

Last Friday the trivia question on our Facebook Contest pertained to a particular complication following breast implant surgery known as capsular contracture. Our Facebook Fans did an excellent job explaining this phenomenon! The second part of the question was, “Is capsular contracture covered in a warranty?” The answer is surprisingly YES! First let’s talk a little more about Capsular Contracture. Capsular contracture is a rare occurrence that can sometimes affect women who have breast implants. The condition is characterized by thick tight scar tissue forming around the breast implant and causing a feeling of hardness to the breast. Capsular contracture can also have an effect on breast shape and discomfort may also be evident. The surgical removal of this scar tissue is called Capsulectomy. HOW... Continue Reading

How Can Breast Implants Change How I Look?

Last Friday our trivia question on Facebook pertained to achieving aesthetic goals and outcome based on a friend's result. Everyone answered correctly and will receive 2 points! When considering breast augmentation, many patients wonder how to choose the right type of implant. A common concern for patients is what they will look like after the procedure - they do not want to end up with breasts that are larger than they expected, but they also do not want their breasts to be smaller than what they were hoping for. To help ensure the best possible outcome, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani works with his patients in their consultation to help them find a shape and size that meets their needs. Patients are able to review before... Continue Reading

The Benefits Of Arnica

Last Friday our trivia question on Facebook was, “What is Arnica and why is this recommended post-operatively?” Everyone answered correctly and will receive 2 points! Arnica has been used for centuries to treat the effects of accidents and injuries and has been known for its remarkable healing properties. Arnica Montana derives from a yellow flowering plant from the mountains of Central Europe. This plant is popularly known as the 'Mountain Daisy' in its homeopathic usage. Many physicians and patients around the world have successfully used Arnica to treat bruising, soreness, inflammation and swelling that results from all types of physical trauma. Arnica has had the reputation for safety, effectiveness, ease of use and broad applicability. According to further studies and research, Arnica may be useful... Continue Reading

A Long Pathway Of Educational Requirements In Becoming A Plastic Surgeon

Last Friday we proposed a question on our 'Feeling Fit and Fabulous' Facebook Contest that elicited great responses! So let’s get right to it, How many years does it take to become a Plastic Surgeon? The answer is 13-15 years or even more! Let’s take a look at our very own Dr. Jon’s route to his educational endeavors. Upon graduating Thomas R. Proctor High School in Utica, New York, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani went to college at The University of Nebraska in in Lincoln, Nebraska... Continue Reading

Orlando Sentinel Readers Vote Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani a 4-Time Winner As ‘Best Cosmetic Surgeon’

Each year, the readers of the Orlando Sentinel vote on the best entertainment and services of Central Florida. Voting is divided into five categories: dining and restaurants, home and services, recreation and entertainment, shopping, and wellness and personal style. For the fourth year in a row, Dr. Jon Trevisani has had the pleasure and the honor of being voted as Central Florida’s Best Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani says he is particularly proud to be a recipient of the Orlando Sentinel’s “Best Bets” award because the voting is reader-driven and represents the voices of some of our patients. Since valuing and caring for each individual patient is at the core of The Aesthetic Surgery Center’s mission as a plastic surgery provider, being recognized by... Continue Reading