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The Benefits Of Arnica

Last Friday our trivia question on Facebook was, “What is Arnica and why is this recommended post-operatively?” Everyone answered correctly and will receive 2 points!

Arnica has been used for centuries to treat the effects of accidents and injuries and has been known for its remarkable healing properties. Arnica Montana derives from a yellow flowering plant from the mountains of Central Europe. This plant is popularly known as the ‘Mountain Daisy’ in its homeopathic usage. Many physicians and patients around the world have successfully used Arnica to treat bruising, soreness, inflammation and swelling that results from all types of physical trauma. Arnica has had the reputation for safety, effectiveness, ease of use and broad applicability. According to further studies and research, Arnica may be useful in treating health problems related to arthritis, post-surgical swelling, post-surgical pain and muscle soreness.

Arnica comes in many different forms including gels, ointments, creams and sublingual tablets. In some cases, topic use of arnica can cause skin irritation, itching, blisters and other allergy-related problems. Arnica can be toxic when ingested in its natural state. However, when arnica is diluted to its homeopathic use, the benefits have superb effects. This natural-homeopathic remedy is vastly used amongst plastic surgeons. It is important to discuss with your plastic surgeon which form is the best course of action for you.

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