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Breast Reduction

Can Large Breasts Cause Health Problems?

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It’s no secret that patients with an excessive or dominating breast size can be subject to insecurities about their appearance and unwanted attention from others. What patients may not be aware of is the myriad of physical symptoms and health issues often precipitated by large, heavy breasts. The burdens caused by a disproportionately large breast size usually range from minor irritations to severe pain and discomfort. In some cases, these symptoms can make it difficult to engage in certain activities, such as exercise and sports. Generally speaking, health concerns associated with excessive breasts include: Back, neck, and shoulder strain Headaches Poor posture Indentations in your shoulders from bra straps digging in, a phenomenon often known as “shoulder grooving” Rashes, irritation, and chafing underneath the breasts... Continue Reading

Do Larger Breasts Cause More Sagging?

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Ptosis, a condition in which the breast tissue droops or sags, can affect all adult women regardless of whether they have large or small breasts. That said, it can be true that patients with a larger breast size may experience sagging to a greater degree when compared to individuals who have less weight in their chest. This is simply due to the fact that more chest mass can be more susceptible to the forces of gravity to a greater degree than smaller-sized breasts. Although this can be unfortunate for individuals with a bigger breast shape, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani can correct sagging or drooping breasts with procedures like breast reduction and mastopexy. The most effective choice for your unique concerns depends on whether you are... Continue Reading

Can Breast Reduction Alleviate Back Pain?

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Pain in the back, neck, and shoulders is a common symptom of overly large breasts — a condition medically referred to as “symptomatic macromastia.” In general, heavy breasts that are disproportionate to a patient’s body frame can cause a host of symptoms that range from moderate inconveniences to debilitating medical problems. Back pain is a major concern that affects countless women with an excessive breast size, often making it difficult for one to exercise and live an active lifestyle. Consequently, large breasts can also be a contributing risk factor for obesity. While there are non-surgical remedies that can help improve back pain in the short-term — such as chiropractic therapy, pain-relieving medications, supportive bras, and ice packs — these solutions cannot reverse the pull of... Continue Reading