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Do Larger Breasts Cause More Sagging?

Woman Checking Her Breasts in MirrorPtosis, a condition in which the breast tissue droops or sags, can affect all adult women regardless of whether they have large or small breasts. That said, it can be true that patients with a larger breast size may experience sagging to a greater degree when compared to individuals who have less weight in their chest. This is simply due to the fact that more chest mass can be more susceptible to the forces of gravity to a greater degree than smaller-sized breasts. Although this can be unfortunate for individuals with a bigger breast shape, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani can correct sagging or drooping breasts with procedures like breast reduction and mastopexy. The most effective choice for your unique concerns depends on whether you are comfortable with your large breast size, or desire smaller, more manageable breasts. 

If you are happy with the size of your bust, a breast lift is typically the most optimal procedure to correct a sagging or aging look. Although excess skin, glandular tissue, and fat will be removed to improve the shape and projection of the breasts, the breast volume should generally remain the same. In contrast, breast reduction surgery is specifically designed to attain a lighter, more comfortable breast size by removing glandular tissue. This, in turn, results in a “lifting” effect to some degree, helping to improve a drooping aesthetic. Therefore, breast reduction may be the right choice for you if you’re bothered by the burdens of large and heavy breasts, which often include pain in the back and shoulders, bra strap indentations, skin irritation, etc. 

It can be frustrating to experience the effects of aging on the breasts, but Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani offers several options to restore more lifted and youthful curves. As a top breast surgeon in the country, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani can determine an ideal treatment option to rejuvenate your breast contours according to your desires. Contact The Aesthetic Surgery Centre today for a personal consultation or to speak with a member of our team.