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How to Get Rid of Tired Eyes

Despite popular belief, tired eyes can develop regardless of how rested you feel, or whether you got a full night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many of the characteristics that constitute tired eyes — such as drooping skin and under-eye bags — can also make individuals look angry, stressed, or older than their actual age. There are several techniques that can brighten the eyes and make you look more well-rested depending on the types of concerns exhibited:

  • “Hooding” and excess eyelid skin: If support for the upper eyelids has weakened to the point of “hooding,” a condition in which excess skin accumulates on the lash line and potentially droops into your line of vision, upper blepharoplasty is considered the best solution to tighten loose tissue and smooth the eyelid contour.
  • Baggy eyes and dark circles: With aging comes a loss of collagen production, which helps the connective tissue of the eyes remain firm and intact. As collagen diminishes, the lower eyelids can lose elasticity and cause fat pads to droop and bulge outward. This can also create shadows underneath the eyes and lead to dark circles that some associate with sleep deprivation. Lower eyelid surgery can address these concerns and remove/reposition fat deposits, thereby creating a smoother appearance in the orbital region.
  • Wrinkles and “crow’s feet” near the corners of the eyes: In some cases, injectables may be enough to create a more youthful and carefree look in the upper face. Wrinkles caused by repetitive facial expressions can be softened with BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®, which are both neurotoxins designed to temporarily relax overactive muscles that lead to wrinkling.

Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani can develop a personalized treatment plan for you after listening to your concerns and the goals you wish to achieve. Whether surgical or non-surgical treatments are the best approach for your needs, a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon can help you make a more informed decision about your care.

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