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Initial Patient Consultation

My initial contact with the patient begins on consultation day. I bring the patient back to the private exam room where I review their health history in great detail. I review their allergies, their surgical history, if they are taking any medications, if they are a smoker and if so, what is their smoking history, if they have any cardiac problems, any respiratory disorders. Once I have gathered all my data, I then inquire and find out what procedure of interest the patient has. I talk to them at that point in detail about the surgical procedure of interest. I review the pros and cons and risks of surgery. Once my consultation is complete with the patient, Dr. Jon Trevisani enters the room and he... Continue Reading

Srta Denia Kosovrasti

Mi nombre es Denia y yo trabajo para el Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani. Tengo más de 25 años de experiencia trabajando con diferentes cirujanos plásticos. Mi función en esta oficina es la de preparar y educar a nuestros pacientes para que puedan entrar en una cirugía con el conocimiento de lo que están metiendo de manera que podamos ayudar a alcanzar sus objetivos. Mi segunda función consiste en ocuparse de todas las finanzas y también para expresar el hecho de que tenemos las sociedades financieras que pueden ayudar a los diferentes tipos de pacientes de distintas formas en una muy profesional, de forma confidencial.

Meet Denia Kosovrasti

My name is Denia and I work for Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani. I have over 25 years of experience working with different plastic surgeons. My function in this office is to prepare and to educate our patients so they can go into a surgery with knowledge of what they are getting into so that we can help them achieve their goals. My second function here is to handle all the finances and to also express the fact that we do have financial companies who can assist different types of patients in different ways in a very professional, confidential manner.

Meet Barbara Francis

I am Barbara. I am the front desk receptionist/coordinator for Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani. We like to call him Dr. Jon and most of the patients do too. I have been here for over 9 years and I have worked in the plastics field for about 20 years. We kind of pride ourselves on taking care of the patient's very smooth go from the time they call till the time they make their consultation, till the time they do their preop surgery and all their postop visits.

Meet Our RN Roshani

My name is Roshani and I am a registered nurse. I have been with Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani in his practice since 2004. I graduated nursing school in 1999 and since then I have been in plastic surgery. The most rewarding part of working in cosmetic surgery is by far working with our patients, working with happy and healthy patients.

Meet Dr. Ken Miller

I am Dr. Ken Miller. I have been practicing anesthesiology in Central Florida since 1983. I came here after graduating medical school at Lake Forest and doing my residency at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I have been with Dr. Trevisani for somewhere between 7 and 8 years now. Generally, patients do not get to meet me until they have surgery, unless there is a specific reason or a medical concern and then we evaluate them beforehand, but for most patients, I interview them immediately prior to surgery, doing a quick history and physical evaluation and then I formulate my anesthetic plan.

Meet Dr. Jon P. Trevisani

As a medical student, I knew the surgical field was where I wanted to be, and then with our surgical rotations in clinicals, the plastic surgery seemed to be a good fit for me because of seeing the patients and how happy they were after their cosmetic surgery. So that immediate gratification was something that has really attracted me to the field, and making people feeling better about themselves and more self assured and doing that on a daily basis was really what it is all about.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction patients are one of the happiest patients out there. This surgery dramatically improves their life, their self-confidence, their ability to interact in public, gives them more incentive to workout to keep it off. This procedure is very life changing.