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What to Know Before Breast Augmentation

Woman examining implants with doctorBreast augmentation can be an effective procedure that rejuvenates a patient’s breast size and contours. Designed for reshaping and resizing one’s breasts, breast augmentation can be the ideal choice for women seeking to reimagine the shape and size of their breasts. Using breast implants, patients can augment the size, shape, placement, and overall appearance of their breasts.

There are several details women should know before pursuing breast augmentation surgery. At our Orlando practice, breast augmentation can utilize four different types of implants which can be customized in size and shape, as well as placement on the chest. Our Orlando board-certified plastic surgeon Jon Paul Trevisani, MD will be able to provide insight on the best type, size, shape, and placement of breast implants for your needs and desires during the initial consultation. 

Patients should know that there’s a possibility of future breast surgery after their initial breast augmentation due to natural wear and tear of implants over time. Additionally, patients should be aware that breast augmentation is not a breast lift and cannot address sagging breasts. For those wanting to know more about what to expect from breast augmentation, this blog will dive deeper into what the procedure involves.

Types of Implants

Our practice offers three types of breast implants that can produce excellent results: saline breast implants, silicone gel breast implants, and anatomically shaped cohesive gel breast implants. Each type of implant will incur different costs and provide varying benefits for the patient.

Shapes and Sizes of Breast Implants

Once a patient has decided on the type of breast implant, they will be faced with decisions about shape and size. The size of the implant will likely be larger than the patient’s original breast size, but the amount of extra volume desired will depend on your aesthetic wishes and body frame. As for the shape, the main goal is to choose a contour that matches the patient’s body type while improving the overall appearance. Typically, patients choose between a round and teardrop appearance depending on their needs.

Placement of Breast Implants

Depending on the individual patient, the most ideal placement location for one’s breast implants will differ. Implants can successfully be placed over or under the pectoralis (chest) muscle to achieve natural-looking results.

If you want to know more about breast augmentation or you’re ready to schedule a consultation, contact our practice today!