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Capsular Contracture: How? Why? And What?

Did you know that an asthma medication can help with Capsular Contracture? Read more and find out…


Capsular contracture is a rare occurrence that can sometimes affect women who have breast implants. The condition is characterized by thick tight scar tissue forming around the breast implant and causing a feeling of hardness to the breast. Capsular contracture can also have an effect on breast shape and discomfort may also be evident. The surgical removal of this scar tissue is called Capsulectomy.


Manual massaging helps minimize the occurrence of Capsular Contracture. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani feels that sometimes massaging breasts too soon after surgery can cause unwanted bleeding around the implant and therefore causing potential problems. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani often advises his patients undergoing Breast Augmentation to begin massaging approximately 2 weeks following surgery and should be performed at least twice a day. Additionally, he recommends the oral intake of Vitamin E following surgery. The massaging of breasts and vitamin E intake is however not recommended for ALL patients. During your follow up visits, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani and his nursing staff will guide you with which course of action is appropriate for you.


The next question to tackle that many patients ask me is why this Capsular Contracture happens? The exact cause is unfortunately unknown but there are speculations and theories that have been formulated for the formation of Capsular Contracture. Theories include: smokers pose a greater risk of developing this scar tissue, hematomas/bleeding problems can cause an inflammatory reaction, germ contamination may cause an inflammatory reaction and leading to the development of capsular contracture. Research is continuing and hoping that we are able to find an exact cause for this occurrence would be a breakthrough in Plastic Surgery.


So, now we have enlightened you on what capsular contracture is, what causes this scar tissue and finally the last aspect to address here is what to do if you develop this scar tissue. As mentioned earlier, surgical intervention called Capsulectomy is a consideration especially if the breast is hard, quite distorted in shape and pain/discomfort evidenced. However, new studies have shown that a breathing, asthma medication called Singulair has an off-label use for treating Capsular Contracture in the early stages of development (Grade I and Grade II). Singulair has an anti-inflammatory effect on the bronchioles and sinus cavities and it additionally woks in preventing the inflammation around an implant, which is one of the theories in capsular contracture formation. The previous medications used for the off-label use for Capsular Contracture have produced evidence of higher incidences of side effects including elevation in liver enzymes leading in liver failure.

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Submitted by: Roshani J. Patel