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Pregnancy After a Tummy Tuck

Although abdominoplasty is a popular procedure for women who have already had children (usually as part of a mommy makeover), some patients may decide to have children afterward – whether or not they have already been through childbirth in the past. Some patients have expressed concern over whether or not the procedure will affect their ability to carry a baby, but pregnancy after an abdominoplasty is completely possible. It is important to note, however, that some women may experience loosening of the abdominal wall and/or excess loose skin on the abdomen following childbirth. In these cases, women who have already had a tummy tuck may be faced with a decision to repeat the procedure.

Ultimately, it is usually best to delay tummy tuck surgery until your family is complete – but if plans change, know that you should still be able to have a successful pregnancy. If you do decide to have children after abdominoplasty, it is recommended to wait approximately one year after surgery, if possible.

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