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Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani Appointed as UCF College of Medicine Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery

We are proud and excited to announce that Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani was recently appointed as Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine! Dr. Jon says he loves having such an exciting opportunity to give back to the community. In his new position, he volunteers his time, working with third and fourth year UCF medical students who have chosen to incorporate a surgical rotation as part of their overall curriculum. Dr. Jon truly enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience to help train these future physicians.

Appointed faculty members at the UCF College of Medicine are chosen through a careful selection process that involves verification of credentials, experience, and hospital privileges. Ultimately, all appointed faculty must receive final approval from the Provost of the University. Once selected, appointed faculty members serve – without financial compensation from UCF – as clinical role models, educational resources, and/or instructors to the medical students.

It brings Dr. Jon great joy to share his skills with the medical students at the UCF College of Medicine, and he hopes to inspire them to have a passion for surgery and compassionate patient care, similar to his own