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Music is in the Air…

Last Friday we posted the following question on Facebook: What is Dr. Jon’s musical instrument of choice? We received a variety of answers and we appreciate all of your responses!

The correct answer is ‘Piano’

He has played many instruments such as the electric guitar and has taken lessons for this but his musical instrument of choice would be the piano! Dr. Jon Trevisani started playing the piano when he was just 6 years old. Throughout the years, playing the piano has helped him face the challenges and daily stressors of life. Mastering this skill has also helped him stay calm and focused under pressure. He is an accomplished pianist and appreciates the works of Frederic Chopin.

Dr. Jon adds, “the bad part of knowing how to play the piano was that I was always pressured as a child to play a piece when guests came over, however I am glad my mother would not let me quit. I thank her to this day for this amazing talent and skill that I have acquired.”

To wrap this blog up in a heartwarming note, it was in the high school music room while practicing for his upcoming recital where he met his then girlfriend and now wife!

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Submitted by: Roshani J. Patel