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After Tummy Tuck Surgery: What Will My Scars Look Like?


An abdominoplasty—more commonly called a tummy tuck—is designed to eliminate excess skin around the midsection as well as tighten the underlying abdominal muscles. An incision is made from one hip to the other to achieve a flatter stomach, repair stretched or torn muscles beneath the skin, and redrape the remaining skin. Although most patients are ultimately very happy with their tummy tuck results, prospective patients are often nervous about the placement and appearance of the scar.

During the consultation process, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani will review your expectations as well as perform a physical exam to give you an idea of where the incision will be placed. By making the surgical incision low on the abdomen, the resulting scar can typically be concealed below the waistline of a bikini or underwear. To help visualize the precise location of the incision, you can bring your favorite bikini or pair of underwear to the consultation process and the surgical approach can be planned accordingly. After your tummy tuck surgery, the scar can be well-hidden and you can wear these garments with renewed confidence.