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How Can I Get Rid of My Frown Lines?

Frown lines can be one of the most noticeable—not to mention bothersome—signs of facial aging that develop over the years. These vertical creases between the brows often appear with the formation of facial expressions, but over time they can become visible even when the face is at rest. By giving the appearance of a furrowed brow, frown lines can unintentionally make you seem angry, stressed, or tired even when you are at your happiest or most energetic state. The good news is that a simple half-hour treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® is often all it takes to relax the overactive muscles that cause frown lines to develop and restore a brighter, more easygoing appearance. 


These highly popular injectables can reduce frown lines, brow creases, and other expression wrinkles for as long as three months after a single treatment. There is typically no downtime after injections and you can resume your normal activities immediately. Since the results of BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® will be temporary, a surgical brow lift can be a more enduring treatment option to minimize aging in the upper face. This procedure is designed to lift and tighten the muscles and skin of the brow for a more refreshed look. Wrinkles such as frown lines and forehead creases can be smoothed while drooping brows are restored to a more youthful positioning. Both injectables and brow lift surgery can be utilized to treat frown lines and the best technique for you simply depends on your needs, goals, and personal preferences. 


Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, our plastic surgeon in Orlando, can review all your treatment options with you during a consultation. Please don’t hesitate to contact our practice to schedule an appointment, or to speak to a member of or team.