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How to Get More Cleavage

Model Cleavage, which refers to the space between both breasts, is often discussed during the consultation process as a common goal of breast enhancement. Many women seek a greater degree of cleavage to improve the way their clothing fits, enhance their silhouette, and gain a more sensual appearance. For patients who may not have the level of cleavage they desire, the placement of breast implants by a board-certified plastic surgeon offers an effective technique to attain more cleavage and achieve a more youthful look. Modern plastic surgery techniques even provide potential solutions to help women who have already had breast augmentation gain more cleavage without exchanging/replacing their implants. 

The key to enhancing cleavage during breast augmentation generally lies in careful selection of the most ideal shape/size/type of implant, as well as the location of the implant pocket — in many cases, the implant pocket can be created to bring the breasts closer together (or farther apart), thereby increasing cleavage. Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani can walk you through the different implant options that offer the best likelihood of producing the long-term cleavage you seek. The results of breast augmentation, combined with the use of a supportive, cleavage-enhancing bra, can typically provide the youthful, voluptuous look many patients desire. 

If you’ve already had breast augmentation, other advanced techniques — such as fat grafting to the breasts — can help refine the breast contours and potentially induce a greater amount of cleavage. The implant pocket can also be adjusted or repositioned during breast surgery to achieve the desired outcome. It all depends on your goals and anatomical indicators, which are factors that Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani will help you navigate at the time of your consultation. 

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